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Warehouse / Operations

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Würth Baer Supply Company is not simply a Woodworking distributor. We are so much more. We offer many useful and helpful products to people in a multitude of industries and work disciplines.

Warehouse employees are the heart and soul of many companies. Without these operations employees, products don't get out the door. View a selection below of many of the products we sell to support the warehouse staff.

We support our warehouse staff and provide the same types of products to support yours.

Warehouse Safety

Warehouse safety is very important. It's easy to overlook something and that's when accidents and injuries happen. Check out some of the great products we have to protect Warehouse staff.

Safety Ergonomics

A selection of products to help prevent lifting and repetitive motion injuries on the job as well as alleviate fatigue.

Pushing / Pulling Tasks

A selection of products to help prevent injuries while moving heavy objects, panels, and boxes.

Lifting / Carrying Support

A selection of products to help prevent injuries while lifting or carrying heavy or awkward objects.

First Aid

Basic first aid and safety items that are easy to find and accessible when you need them most.

COVID-19 Support

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep your warehouses clean and your employees safe.