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Product Image: Paint Collector/ Replacement Filters
Paint Collector/ Replacement Filters
Paper, AF Filter™

Standard Features:
• The Binks AF filter is an accordion-style pleated filter that captures overspray efficiently
• Lasts 3-5 times longer than ordinary dry filter

The Binks AF Exhaust Air Filters provide a high holding capacity system for all dry spray booths. The unique pleated construction forces the paint laden air to change direction four times in its passage through the system. AF filters outlast other dry filters three to five times. Standard AF filters are appropriate for most industrial coatings; are collapsible, minimizing storage and disposal volumes; have a Class 2 listing by Underwriters Laboratories; and are AFTL certified.
The filter should be installed with eight corrugations to every foot of booth width.
To facilitate cutting and positioning, the filter is marked at every eighth corrugation. Clip in one end, stretch across the frame, and clip in the other end - an operation taking less than one minute. If any short pieces are left over, they can be attached to a new length, either by a strip of masking tape or by stapling.

NOTE: For easy removal of a "loaded" filter, apply a coating of grease to the frame before inserting the filter.

Reduced Operating Costs:
High overspray holding capacity provides longer intervals between filter changes.
• Fewer filters to dispose of means lower disposal cost
• Fewer filters to buy and inventory, reduces investment costs
• Less maintenance labor costs
• Fewer work interruptions boosts productivity
Pleated construction facilitates collapsing the filter for storage and disposal, minimizing handling costs.
Nearly constant static pressure drop over the life of the filter produces nearly uniform booth ventilation.
• Increases paint mileage and lowers material costs
• Improves working environment. High filtering efficiency reduces work chamber, blower and stack maintenance
User Friendly:
• Built in expansion limiter insures proper performance
• Just two pieces required for most standard booths reduces installation time and cost
• White face reflects light to improve painter visibility
Compatibility with Coatings:
• Low, medium and high solids solvent based thermoset
• Most low, medium and high solids solvent based air dry
• Low, medium and high solids water based thermoset and air dry
• All types of plural component coatings
• Most industrial adhesives
• Fiber-filled and bituminous materials
• Not recommended for use with coatings that may dry before reaching the filter
Environmentally Friendly:
• Biodegradable and incineratible
• Collapsible to minimize disposal bulk and associated costs
• Manufactured from recycled paper
Technical Data:
• Average Capturing Efficiency - 97.14% @ 150 FPM, w. High solids baking enamel. (Actual efficiency is a function of the coating being sprayed and the associated operating conditions)
• Recommended Average Air Velocity - 100 - 200 FPM
• Nominal Pressure Drop @ 150 FPM - 0.15 inch W.C.
• Maximum Pressure Drop - 1 inch W.C. with center support; 0.5 inch without
• Filter Size (Expanded): - 30 ft. x 3 ft. x 2.5 in (90 sq. ft. of effective surface area)
• Expansion - Limited by permanently attached straps to 8 pleats per foot
Dimensions: 3 x 30 ft.

Packing: One box of 3' x 30' filter material
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Item #
Product Attributes
Mpn: 29-2186 
3' x 30' 
3' x 30' 
Item #: BN29-2186
Mpn: 29-2186
3' x 30' 
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